Receivables Financing Platform

Offered in partnership with financial institutions and enterprise anchor – distribution networks

Creating Mutually Beneficial Distributor Relationships

Receivables financing platform is built-to-suit for enterprise clients and offers a scalable, efficient, and flexible model to monetize their receivables, while distributors may opt to extend credit periods

Challenges Faced By Enterprises

Lengthy receivable cycles

Limited distributor network coverage in traditional bank-led programs

Minimal distributor engagement limits program adoption

Difficult to scale ad-hoc cash discount arrangements with distributors

Maintaining distributor loyalty with non-exclusive distributors

Challenges Faced By Distributors

Limited access to funding through bank-led channel finance programs

Lengthy paperwork and on-boarding due to limited digital intervention

Limited access to unsecured and collateral free financing

Advantage Of The Early Payments For Suppliers

Our focus is to make it easy for large enterprises to facilitate on-demand working capital for their supplier, using our trade finance expertise, world-class technology platform and partnerships with third party capital providers

Better Cash Flow

Align receivables cycles with payables timeframes

Off Balance Sheet Finance

Potential to structure solution as an off-balance form of financing

Maximum Coverage

Maximised coverage of dealer and distributor network

Boosts Sales

Credit enhancement options available for distribution network improve sales performance

Improved Distributor Relationships

Improves quality and economics of relationships with distribution networks


Distributors have the flexibility to customise and choose credit periods as per their working capital requirements

Business Growth

Extension of credit periods and subsequent availability of cash leads to increased purchasing power, that translates to higher sales

24/7 Accessibility

A cloud-based platform with complete digitized on-boarding time to allow businesses to access the benefits anytime, anywhere

No Hidden Charges

Apart from the premium that the distributor needs to pay to extend credit period, there is no other hidden cost

Access to New Enterprise Clients

Access to blue-chip ‘new-to-bank’ enterprise clients

Scalable Technology

Efficient technology platform to pursue large-scale trade finance opportunities with existing and new clients

Cross-sell Opportunities

Cross-sell opportunities across product lines

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