Just-in-time Financing Platform

Pre-invoice funding to suppliers based on process milestones

Unlocking Capital. Just in Time

Suppliers receive funding in real time, even prior to invoicing, on the basis of their agreed delivery milestones. This bridges the gap between payment obligations and supplier receivables

The Case For Pre-invoice Funding

Lengthy receivables cycles from clients

Mismatched receivable and payable time-frames result in extended cash-to-cash cycles for the supplier

Payments to ‘sub-vendors’ typically need to be made upfront and exert pressure on working capital

Limited access to traditional lending and process fatigue from application requirements

Benefits Of The Just In Time Financing

Risk Management

Financial risks are managed using our proprietary credit assessment algorithms

Collateral Free Financing

The Just-In-Time program provides collateral free financing to suppliers

Triggered by Billable Events

Financing is triggered based on occurrence of ‘billable’ events which can include process milestones such as issuance of PODs

Automated Tracking

CredAble digital platform automates the financing and tracking process

Customizable Platform

The platform can be customized for similar ecosystems with mismatched receivables and payable cycles

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