Digital Supplier Portal

Offered in partnership with financial institutions and enterprise anchor – distribution networks

Unlocking Capital. Digital Portal for Suppliers.

A digital supplier portal for customers is an integral part in our effort to digitize and streamline all the processes within their supply chains.

These are traditionally painstaking, manual processes, executed by separate teams. Due to the fragmented nature of operations, there is a lengthy time gap in each step of the cycle, which cascades into several weeks of delay.

Additionally, it is a cumbersome process for both buyer and supplier to map exactly where the ticket is stuck.
The time taken from Purchase Order to Invoice matching, which, if automated shrinks timelines significantly, takes several weeks, leading to frustration for the suppliers.
The delay also eats into suppliers’ credit periods, deterring them from getting access to any kind of financing.

Challenges Faced By Enterprises

Lengthy receivable cycles

Purchase Order (PO)

Advanced Shipping Note (ASN)

Goods Receipt Note (GRN)

Quality Check


Pitfalls In The Supplier - Anchor Relationships

Supplier onboarding – Onboarding suppliers onto buyers’ systems and their journey from Purchase Requisition to Payment is tedious

3-way matching – Mapping the stage of the supply chain process at which the ticket is stuck has been a historical pain point

Reconciliation – The reconciliation process has traditionally been manual and riddled with frequent delays

Compliance and Audit – Statutory compliance and audits require backups and once again involve manual interventions

Time spillage – Opaque processes hinder visibility, leading to months of time spillage in some cases

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